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NumSkill 10-Pack

NumSkill 10-Pack

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Numskill focuses on number bonds, sequences and color patterns! 

  • 2-4 Players
  • Grades K-3


1. Deal out 9 cards face up on the table in 3x3 array. The goal is to find a SET.
2. A set consists of 3 cards that make a number bond and are all different colors.
3. When a player sees a set, he/she says “Numskill!” and points out the cards.
4. If correct, that player gets to take those cards, and 3 new cards are added.
5. If no set is found, add an extra card (continue to do so) until a set is found.
6. Game ends when all cards have been dealt. Player with the most cards wins!
Basic Version - Find the SET only, regardless of color

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