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  • From Fluency to Automation

    Teachers love how Tang Math Games helps students advance from memorization to a deeper understanding of arithmetic.

    Our games add a fun twist to learning. Students not only understand concepts better but also cultivate a genuine passion for the joy of learning.

  • Greg Tang's "Less Is More" Approach to Enjoying Math

    This powerful learning style was created by Harvard professor and world-renowned author, Greg Tang. With over 4,000 workshops and conferences logged, Greg has paved a new way for both teachers and students to deepen their understanding and enjoyment of math.

    Greg Tang’s “Less Is More” approach focuses on how to help students think about the numbers in a smarter way.

    To learn more about his philosophy on finding simple solutions to seemingly complicated math problems (and enjoying the process) you can watch his TedTalk here.

  • Students

    Thousands of children who had never shown any interest in math are now loving it thanks to this fun style of learning.

  • Teachers

    Teachers love how Kakooma helps students advance from memorization to a deeper understanding of arithmetic.

  • Parents

    Parents love that they can connect with their children in a way that's both fun and productive.

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  • Kakooma: Math Brain Game

    Relax your brain with this addictively fun math puzzle. KAKOOMA® is a quick-thinking, brain-building numbers game built to keep the mind SHARP!

  • "I used the kit over the summer to play math games with some students and they loved it! Even the reluctant ones were engaged and having fun.

  • "I bought the Power Pack to try out with my homeschoolers. We have been playing for the past TWO hours!"

  • "This is the best money I've spent on my classroom in a long time! I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for making math come alive for our students!

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